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April 29, 2013

I have indeed finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and while I don't really like just reading. I prefer actually answering questions and studying specific subjects - it's always a good excercise and you learn alot of new stuff doing that. I would like to say that if you are still reading to keep it up and that if you aren't, that you start and finish before I get home. Not really that hard - it's like a hundred pages a month.

I am glad to hear that Jacek is doing good and recovering quickly. Also good to hear that he had the better of two options as far as the surgery goes. Although not as cool as saying that he has a titanium heart.

As far as our cooking goes, it has not really been driven so much by me as by the options that we have as far as ingredients. On top of that, Elder Lop├ęz has been to Utah 4 or five times for like a total of 9 months or so, so he knows the food from there too.

I think that you should buy a Dodge Challenger or Charger...just saying. "Buy it, Sunny, buy it." (Quoting Uncle Blaine)

I am sure Buddy will recognize me when I get home. If not, that will give me the opportunity to start from zero again.

Oh yeah and mothers day and my final call home is coming up soon so if you can verify all the skype stuff.

I love you guys,

Summary of audio...

This week was super, super, super busy and not very normal. First of all I had to go and do errands, including my visa work because they only have 1 year visas here, so I had to get my second one. They sent me to Tocopia to do that which is where I started my mission, so everyone I knew was there. I took the morning to do my stuff, then we had until 5:20pm to go visit people. I did all my stuff and visited 1 before lunch, 1 during lunch and 1 after lunch. It was sweet. I was so happy because I went back and I could actually talk this time so people could understand me. I don’t know if you remember some of the people I talked about when I was here. I visited 3 people – Carla and her family. She’s like one of the YSA back home. She’s working and doing good. Then I visited one of my converts and then another girl, Fernanda who was YSA too. I wanted to visit 2 more of my converts, but 1 went inactive and one wasn’t there. One thing that was cool was that when I was there at the beginning of my mission Fernanda started her mission papers and she received her call to Salt Lake City. She was supposed to leave last September but because of visa issues she kept getting delayed, so she was there. She actually left yesterday for the MTC in Provo so that worked out pretty cool.

I went and saw my Francesco Rapheal - Raffa. He's doing really good. He's got the priesthood and everything now. His grandmother is pretty sweet, she's an active member and is supportive of him so it's not really surprising. It was really cool to go back and see all those people I knew before and to be able to actually talk to them now. 

On Friday we had our Talent Show, which we put together. Originally we weren't quite sure how it would go over, but it turned out really good. We started about 1 1/2 hours late because the guy who was bringing the speakers to play the music didn't show up until then, which really sucked. But... that's fairly typical here, people often aren't on time. We did a little act and I've got the recording which I'll try and upload for you to see. It's kind of like blend of the Twelve Days of Christmas and Old Mac|Donald's Farm. I thought I'd give you some background otherwise you won't understand anything because it's in Spanish. All in all it went really good.

On Saturday morning  at 11am we had the baptism for Sebastian who is 10 years old. We had to get up around 5:30am to go and fill the font. Nothing went smoothly from there... it was a bit of a nightmare. The caliphon, or heater for the font didn't work, but we eventually got a hold of a guy who had fixed it before. He was able to come, but it was about an hour later. He was able to fix it which was great so we carried on. So at 11am Sebastian and his family arrives and no one else is there - not from the primary, or the bishopric, or any of the quorums or auxiliaries, so that was really bad. The uncle of Sebastian's mom, who was doing the baptism was getting annoyed with us because no one was there, but there wasn't much we could do about it. We tried making some calls, but no one was available so our zone leaders came because nobody from the Bishopric was there to preside. The font ended up being cold too because the caliphon stopped working again... not nearly as smooth as planned.

In the afternoon we had the baptism for Marco, the other kid we have been teaching. They had what was called the Night of White where they bring together all the baptisms from all the missionaries and do them at the Stake Centre. There were 8 baptisms and they did one service which was really nice. This meant we didn't have to plan it or fill the font... we basically just had to show up. That was interesting as it was the first time I've been to this in the mission. The next day both of them got confirmed which went fine.

As far as food goes this week in the pension, we made burritos with meat, beans, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and some taco sauce. That was really good. Then the next night we didn't have any meat left and hardly any tortilla so I told my companion to make himself burritos and I took what was left and made kind of a taco salad. It didn't have a lot of the stuff, but it was the closest thing to a salad that I've had here. Most of the salads they make here are tomatoes or tomatoes with a bit of lettuce or onion or something - that's what they call a salad. Not really what I'd call a salad.

That was about it. We were pretty much busy all week and didn't have any time off or downtime.

I love you guys and will talk to you later,

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