Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 22, 2013

Well it sounds like everything went really good on your vacation and you were able to get a lot done, which is good. I think that I would definitely like to do that ATV thing the next time.

Hey... I told Garrett and I'm going to tell complaining about the cold. (Jordan's missing the seasons currently. We'll see if that lasts when he returns on the doorstep of winter.)

I can't really say that I am seeing a whole lot of difference from the missionary age change being in the field yet, but I'm sure that the Elders in the office are seeing it more.

Tell Jacek that I wish him well.

Audio Summary...
It's Monday and we're supposed to go to the Cyber so I'm just trying to get in a recording before we go. First off, quite early in the week we were walking back to the pension from lunch - we eat at the bishop's house because his wife is our mamita. This guy was walking around his car and then starts grunting at us... I'm not quite sure how to describe it. He kept on talking so we turned and looked at him and he said "Hey, hey, do you guys want some juice?" We all stopped and stared for a second because it was so random. This guy stops us in the street to see if we want some juice. Then he asked if we understood him. We said yeah, but I still didn't know how to respond so I was just staring at him. It was super weird. My companion was the first one to talk and he said "Yes, bueno, ok." Then he goes into his house and comes out with the juice. He said he sees us out all the time, walking a lot so here's some juice for you. That was interesting... and a first on my mission.

Another thing we've done... my companion and I realized we have a ridiculous amount of money, by missionary standards. I have a ton of money and he's got quite a bit and we haven't been eating so well so every week we decide on one thing we want to make that's super delish. We go to the store and buy everything to make, it doesn't matter how much it costs, we just buy the stuff we need, then we pick a night and make it. I said I'd make the first one, so we made Poutine. It was good - the gravy here is not really great and the cheese isn't fantastic either, but we enjoyed it. I really want some good Poutine when I get home - like from Costco or The Cheese Factory. This last Wednesday we made subs. We went out and bought some bread that's kind of like hotdog buns, some chicken, cheese, tomatoes and I made honey mustard sauce so we had honey mustard chicken subs. I'm not going to lie... it was probably one of the greatest things I've eaten here in my whole mission. It was pretty, pretty fantastic. Yeah... it was amazing! This week we bought refried beans, ground beef, tomato, taco sauce and we're going to make some sweet burritos.

I did get the pictures of San Pedro from the sister missionary so I'll upload them. I also have a few on my camera and so does my companion.

This Friday we're doing a ward activity here - a talent show. We're going to do a weird dance thing where you do it with 2 people and it looks like a midget. I'll be sure to get someone to record it because I think it will be pretty funny. We'll see how it turns out. We don't really know how many will participate. We should have about 5 guaranteed and we'll see from there.

We contacted this lady about 2 weeks ago. Her name is Aileen. She's got 2 kids and her husband and they moved from the south. We went to her house this week and shared a lesson with her and she expressed that everything we said really made sense. She said she was really glad we came and resolved some of the questions she had. Then she said, "I think I'd like you guys to come back." so that was pretty sweet. That never happens that someone asks us to come back before we can even ask them. That's super good because she was really receptive to what we talked about. She have shared with missionaries before - we basically talked about the Book of Mormon, what it is, how it came to be, etc. Yeah... it was a really good lesson.

This Saturday coming up we have 2 baptisms - Sebastion who is 10 years old and Marco who is also young. I've talked about both of them before. We'll have the 1st baptism at 11am so that's going to be an early morning because we have to get up about 5am to fill the baptismal font.

I bought mint chocolate Oreos this week - they were delicious! Last P Day we played soccer and beat the Lations - that was ok too. That's pretty much it. Next week I should have lots to say based on what we have planned.

We're reading the Book of Mormon in one month - the  month of April. I'm in 3 Nephi 20 and I have 8 days left. And... I'll tell you now that I have something I'm going to do, but I have to finish first, so you'll hear about it later. It's another challenge... woohoooo!... or should I say invitation.

That's everything for this week. I love you guys...
Caio! Jord

On the bus to San Pedro

San Pedro rock formations

San Pedro - rock covered in salt deposits

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