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May 6, 2013

I really have no idea if the White Night (all baptisms in the area done in one service) is specific to our area. As far as Sebastian goes, it was supposed to be more of a family thing instead of just from the missionaries so they chose to do it separately.

Believe me, I am really appreciative of the church back home now. The structure and organization seems to be in place far more. Schedules and time also seem to be more significant to us at home - people are far more unpredictable here when it comes to setting up appointments and committing to times in Chile, especially in the North, from what I understand.

Finishing the Book of Mormon in a month is really not that hard in the mission. I took almost a week off of reading because I was so far ahead of where I needed to be. It is even faster in English because the translation is 100 pages longer. When you finish though, make sure to start again. One good option is to buy the cheap blue copies and mark everything you like and then go back and look at what you marked. Also, I don't really read slower in Spanish anymore.

I love you guys and I´ll actually talk to you on Sunday.

Audio summary... to come
Woohoo! Happy 18 Months without me in the house... yeah! This week we had cambios - I think I forgot to mention that to you. the big news is neither of us are leaving. elder Lopez and myself are both staying for 6 more weeks in the barren wasteland that is Calama. The other companionship in our pension also stayed so the 4 of us are in the pension for the next 6 weeks unless there is a special cambio. It was really nice because we had a normal P Day today. The only difference is that I'm going to be district leader again. this time it will be a little different because I'll be the district leader for the sister missionaries. There will be 8 all together in my district - us 4 elders and 4 sister missionaries.

A couple interesting stories... we got waved down by a drunk guy yesterday. He started talking to us and he said he was the devil. We asked him his name and he told us it was Luis. I didn't actually know the devil's name was Luis, but apparently it is... (ha, ha). He was super drunk and didn't really know what he was doing but we talked with him for awhile. Then, about 1/2 hour later, we talked to another guy who was under the influence in some manner. We were working with the "seamie" (sp?) which is a list of the members in the sector - active or less active. We go and see if they are still living at the address listed. This guy was outside one of the houses on our list so we asked him if this family lived there. He just started talking about all this random stuff in really bad Spanish. Then he thought I didn't know Spanish so he started talking in really broken English, but we understood even less. He told us about how he used to live in Miami and some weird stuff. We were kind of trying to get away, but he wouldn't let us leave for about 20 minutes. Then he said to hold on and he went around the corner to pee and we took off. It was pretty funny at that point.

Last week when we went to the store, Elder Lopez didn't really want to get anything so I bought hamburger, cheese, buns, ketchup and avocado to make avocado/cheese burgers and they were delicious. Actually I made 4 of them. They were really good, but expensive - about 4500 pesos, which is about $9 for 4 burgers, not including the cheese and stuff which isn't really cheap either.

Today, Elder Rodriguez called - I love him. He's great. He told me one of my converts from Antofagasta, Eduardo, just got the Melchizedek priesthood a week ago. That was sweet. I was so glad to hear that. You always baptize people and wonder how they'll do and if they'll stay active and continue to progress. He got the Melchizedek priesthood - I was so excited!

We went to the store today and I bought a baking pan, one of the deep ones. Can you send me a cake recipe I can make with yogurt, one of those really soft ones. But it has to be yogurt, not sour cream because they don't have sour cream here. It doesn't even exist. It would be great to get for next week or the week after. We're getting pretty intense with our baking and cooking action.

Most importantly of anything, our Mother's Day phone call is coming up. My last phone call home, in case you're not keeping track. I'll be calling Sunday evening about 8pm here - we just had a time change so you'll need to figure that out. We contacted Margaret, a lady here, and we can Skype from her place. We know it will work because she's from Bolivia and Skypes her family all the time.

Oh... we had interviews with President Bruce... how could I forget about that? Last time we talked about some stuff including why I'm here in the mission. Not just in the mission, I know that, but why I'm in the Antofagasta mission at this time, with these people and what impact am I having. This time I was still considering that question somewhat. We talked about where I'd served and some of the patterns he's noticed and much of what he said are things I've been thinking for awhile as well. President Bruce is awesome. I wish I could finish my mission with him because he's so amazing. He is really in tune with the spirit - pretty much every interview, it's like he reads my mind.

We are teaching currently in the sector, but probably don't have anyone progressing to baptism this month. We're looking to find people that will keep going into next month which would be nice.

I love you guys and I'll talk to you soon!
Caio! Jordan

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