Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 20, 2013

Sounds like a number of things around the house are up for repair. I am glad to hear that you are saving up a few things for me to do when I get home - really I am. I think I've been able to really use my handyman abilities here in the mission.

I am actually afraid that I am going to be horrible at everything when I get home. I will probably have to teach myself math and science again. Really... the only thing that I will be able to do is speak, but not amazingly useful if you can't remember how to add.

That's good that dad is tackling something new with his motorcyle repairs, but make sure he doesn't mess up - brakes are useful!

Love Jord

Audio summary...
A couple of interesting things happened this week - the armadas (sisters) who are in my distsrcit had a baptism this week so I had to go and do the interview one day. It looks like they're going to have 4 more baptisms this coming week - they are so much better than we are right now. Really, I'm not even joking.

Aside... there a dog that's outside the pension that always follows us for 2 or 3 blocks and then goes back. He followed us all the way to the Stake Centre to do the interview. The Stake Centre is about 30 blocks away, about a 45 minute walk. Kind of funny.

Last Monday we made cake. It was a Betty Crocker cake - it said soft and moist. It was ok, but  not really great, fantastical goodness. The cakes here always seem to be dry... I'm not sure why. Yesterday we made mashed potatoes and gravy - Elder Steiner had some gravy from home. That was pretty good. 

In keeping with my pattern of telling you stories of people we meet on the street, here is one from this week. First of all, there are many less actives in Chile. This guy walked/stumbled up to us and he told us he was a member and didn't drink tea, coffee or pop, but wondered if we could take some of the money he had and go buy him a box of wine. I think in his mind this made perfect sense, but we didn't. We laughed about that for a little bit.

The biggest announcement of the week... there was rain in Calama! For the first time in my whole mission I saw rain. Literally, I have not seen rain sine I arrived in Chile. It rained for about 10 minutes at about noon and then about 15 minutes about 6:30pm. It's really weird because this is the driest city in all of the mission and it rained. It was amazing... it was awesome! It was super, super cold and overcast, then it rained and everything was wet and I loved it. It was so fantastic, I loved it because that just never happens. I hope it rains again... but it's not going to.

This week was pretty routine. We did go on splits with the elder's quorum to do some of their home teaching visits. They struggle with doing their home teaching here and often don't do it so we thought it would be a good opportunity to help them.

We didn't have any of our contacts in church again this week. It's frustrating... it's not all their fault as we don't seem to be very good at getting people to go to church... not sure why. I  really wish they would come because that leads to baptisms. We need to focus more on getting people out to church. We're struggling with that right now, but that happens sometimes. My district is doing pretty good overall. The armadas always do good.

The kids here have 4 days off school so lots of people have gone on vacation for the weekend, but they'll be back soon as they're back to classes on Wednesday.

This week I'm going to make chicken wraps. I bought some chipotle mayo... it's awesome! It comes from Mexico. Lots of the thing I seem to like aren't made in Chile, except Rametas - they're like little potatoes sticks covered in cheese. They're really good. Maybe I'll bring some home, or you  can try them when we come back.

I love you guys, caio!

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