Friday, May 17, 2013

May 13, 2013

To answer the questions you had...

Arica was the only sector I have been in for only one transfer.

Special cambios usually happen every transfer, but I have never been part of one (either me or my companion leaving)

I was talking with an elder here whose brother served in the Alberta Canada mission and he said the same about the BBQ´s - Canadians are better BBQers than Americans... by the mouth of two or three witnesses.

For this week we just bought a Betty Crocker cake (really expensive), but I might try the cake recipe you sent me next week.

Everyone has a microwave here, but it is not used to the same extent as back home.

Jordan was able to Skype us on Mother's Day. It was great to talk to him and "see" him too. He looks well - not dramatically different than when he left, although the online resolution was not 100%. The time continues to go by quickly while being in the mission field. He is currently serving as district leader for 2 sets of elder and 2 sets of sister missionaries - this is a new assignment, but he admitted the sisters simplify the job because they always work hard. 

Him and his companion have been doing some more significant cooking lately for some of their evening meals - this has been great, but he is looking forward to a number of different foods when he returns home. 

He reminded us of the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and make sure we keep it up on a daily basis. They had 2 baptisms a couple weeks ago and are working on establishing their teaching pool again.

We tried not to focus too much on his time out, or remaining, but this was his last phone call home. The next time we speak it, will probably be in person. 

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