Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 27, 2013

FYI - I guess I sometimes tend to express the frustrating things that are happening more than the good things, but know that I am really happy and enjoying my mission experience.

I know I said this last week, but we had rain!!!!!!

I have been lazy with my workouts again, but I have already asked Garrett to get me going on a workout when I get home to fight my skinny white boy syndrome. I guess I am kind of a skinny brown boy right now - at least arms and head.

We played volleyball today. It was fun. I am happy.

That is cool that the sink you order finally came and you'll be able to finish off the bathroom, but send me pictures. Seeing is better than reading in this case.

Tell Grandma happy birthday for me and that I miss her.

For my other news, check out my recording this week.

Love you guys a ton,

Summary of audio clip...

We just got back from the zone activity today. We played... wait for it... we played a little volleyball and then some soccer. We played for about an hour and a half and then soccer for a bit. It was sweet! It wasn't really competitive, but it was really fun. I can still hit and pass better than most or all of them, but I'm not really very good anymore.It was just fun to play. We were originally going to have a BBQ, although they're not that great here - the meat isn't too fabulous. Then they changed it to have Mexican food, but nobody really had money so we just played volleyball. We did go to the mall afterwards and had KFC - hmmm... good stuff.

This week was really hectic. The beginning of the week was somewhat normal, then on Thursday we went to Antofagasta at 5 am for a conference. It was really trunky because Presidente Bruce talked for about 15 minutes at the end about getting married. He also shared some other stuff and so did the assistants. This isn't Presidente Bruce's last conference, he's got one more before he leaves. The last conference he'll do the full thing, including introducing us to the new mission president - not directly, but he'll tell us a bit about him and how things might change and stuff like that.

Friday I did baptismal interviews for my district - that took up a lot of  my day. We only worked in the sector for about 3 hours and then I was outside my sector from 3:30 - 7:30pm. When I got back we went to the church from 7:30 - 9:30pm. It was good because my district did really good this month. We had more than half the baptisms for the zone. The goal was 16, but we only got 12. They had some bad luck in Tocopilla - they were supposed to have 5 and they didn't go through. Out of the 12 for the zone, my district had 7 so I was pretty happy with that. My companion and I didn't baptize this month, but we'll be working on that for next month. Elder Steiner and Elder Galvan, the other missionaries in the pension, had 1 baptism. I didn't think it was going to happen, and then it did. Armana Madrano and Armana Bravo had 4 baptisms and  the other armanas had 1 last week and 1 this week.

On a culinary note... I made wraps with the Chipotle Mayo I got last week, which is fantastic. I had it with... (english words???)... chicken crunchies??... crunchies of chicken?? They're like little chicken patties and they're good. Super lazy, but that's what we did and they were good. My companion bought Caesar dressing to go on them - he was a little more traditional.

I haven't had a hot shower in about a week and a half, mostly because we're too lazy to go and buy gas.

Oh... here's something that happened. It probably shouldn't have happened, but it did. On the bus going back from Antofagasta there was a movie about a surfer dude who died surfing some huge wave. After that a Chinese commercial or something came on and we thought there was going to be some Chinese movie, then a bootleg version of Ironman lll came on and we were all so happy. I mean we shouldn't be watching movies, but it was playing on the bus and it was pretty awesome. We didn't get to see the whole thing but it was pretty good. I can't wait to see it all in high definition blu-ray.

That's about it for the week.
Caio! Jordan

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