Monday, June 4, 2012

May 28, 2012

I have trouble writing a long letter when I don't get reminded of the things that happened during the week by some of the stuff in your letter.

I am of mixed feelings to hear that Martha passed away. (Long time friend of mom's family who passed away at the age of 106 years old.) I didn't really know her that well, but heard a lot about what she does and how much she has been able to do for her age, and I feel that she was ready. It is obviously a sad time when anyone close passes, but in this case I feel as though she left nothing undone in her life that she needed to do. I would go so far as to say that she pulled more out of her life than should have been possible.

I am glad to hear that all of grandma's parties went well. tt sounds like she has been enjoying her Birthday Week.

I am glad to hear my parcel is on route and you are right that it probably won't matter about the speed, especially when you consider that it will probably sit in the office for 3 weeks when it gets here. And about the stickers you put on it - if they look like they were drawn for a 5 year old you got the right ones, they are all over the place here. (We have been told that if you put religious stickers on the parcels you mail, they are more likely not to get opened and picked over.)

I would assume that the white shirt burning was a literal thing, not just figurative, but the order is this:
6 months-tie
12 months-shirt
18 months-pants
2 years-suit
I haven't and will probably not burn any of those (if any, the most likely are the pants)
(We've heard that missionaries burn a white shirt at 6 months as they get so worn and dingy.)

I am glad that you shared that story with me (missionary story by Bruce C Hafen from President Mendenhall's talk at Stake Conference). I love hearing those kinds of stories right now in the mission because they kindle a little bit of the hope of the golden investigators that you hear so much about. They are also often a good source for feeling the spirit when you read or hear them.

I don't have to keep Elder López focused, I just have to wake him up in the mornings. (Elder Lopez goes home at next transfer.) The teaching pool is coming along.