Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 18, 2012

Today was the start day for transfers here in MCA (Mission Chile Antofagasta?). The thing with this transfer was that Elder López left yesterday so that there would be no issues with getting him to the airport today. Until our companions arrive I have been stuck with another elder from the zone who's companion also left yesterday for home. I will be with him until sometime tomorrow. One cool thing that happened was that Elder López got special permission to have a visit from his sister here in the sector and go hang out with her on Saturday. So, she was with him all day and I got to hang out with them all morning and during the evening (Elder Mitchel, another elder going home, was with them after lunch so that I "got to" stay in the sector). That was super fun and his sister is super cool we had a good time. My new companion will be Elder Rodriguez from Colombia and from what I have heard he is really energetic which I am glad for. I learned a lot from Elder López, but I am looking forward to working my butt off this transfer. I am indeed staying in this sector for one more transfer.

I also had a pretty interesting moment via Elder López´ sister when we were just talking while he was doing something. She said to me that Elder López really appreciated my diligence and thought I was a good example for him. This was a pretty nice thing to hear because our relationship was usually pretty sarcastic. I never heard things like that from him until last night when he said "thanks for keeping me working until the end" which made all the annoying mornings trying to wake him up kinda worth it.

I am glad that dad is working with the missionaries because it makes a huge difference to them and the success in the ward. You don't really realize, but a couple of hours of meetings on their behalf is worth far more then the actual time you spent.

The people that we have to teach right now are as follows:

Ilrick- he is from Haiti and speaks all manner of languages. He is living in the house of one of the members in the ward. He is interested in learning about the church because he is surrounded by members.

The other one is from the other week that we got from a reference. He came to church this week and we are having really great reactions from him. The only problem with him is that he is really hard to meet with because he is busy. However, he has a girlfriend that wants to go to the temple with him. He has also been to institute several times and so he is really solid. 

Other than that we have some people that were found last week in our sector during a zone activity that I still have to go and meet, so I may have a couple more next week to tell you about.

Weird Cultural Fact of the week: When you knock on houses here you almost always yell "Aloh". At times you don't even knock, you just yell that.