Friday, June 29, 2012

June 25, 2012

What happened with Elder López´ sister is that she was here in Chile visiting her grandmother in the South. She came up for two days with his grandmother to have a visit just before he left for home. The original plan was that they were going to spend a week longer here and go home together, but Elder López' father had a fit when that was proposed, so it didn't happen. It was really fun to hang out with them. I could see myself going down after my mission to hang out in Utah since it's close, and the skiing is good.

My first week with my new companion was really great. We both have the drive to do good and get some work done. We jumped right into it and had a better week than most of my weeks last transfer, which is weird because usually transfer week is a little slow. Elder Rodriguez is from Bogota, Columbia. I am still senior companion, given that Elder Rodriguez has only been out 3 months in the field. I honestly don't even care that I am senior companion. I really just want to work together as much as possible so that we can both learn as much as possible. One thing is that Elder Rodriguez speaks pretty good English. One day when I was in the office president Bruce asked me to help him work on that and it has been really good. I am trying to speak a lot of Spanish during the day too, so that he can help me out and we are both learning a lot as I think neither of us has fear to correct the other.

I got the pictures you sent and it looks like you had a good time with the Watson clan over. Blaine seems to be looking pretty professional helping Austin hit the golf ball in that one picture. I'm sure he was a good help. For wanting pictures so bad you are a bit lazy sending me pictures, by the way. I'm not asking for much - you can send me pictures of the family, the house...grass, anything I haven't seen in a while.

Weird cultural fact of the Day: Here in Chile it is difficult digging in the ground, so most of the burials here are above ground, unless you want to pay a lot of money.

Elder McCaskill

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