Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

There is not really anything here for either Canada day or for the US Independence Day because the Chilean Independence Day is September 18 (which I hear is ridiculous - a whole weekend where you are either in the pension, church or with members). But I am not super patriotic so it won't really be that big of a deal for me. That's good that you sang all 4 verses of the national anthem though because I think that many people forget entirely that there is even more than one verse.
I really miss going to the temple. I was able to go almost every week in the MTC and now I haven't even been able to go once, and won't be able to until I get home. I had already heard that the temple in Calgary was nearing completion. That is really cool that it is somebody that we know being called to serve there and Temple President.
I have indeed recieved Brother Kennett's letters. The thing is that they get held back a lot because they have to get here to Chile, then there is the chance that they get stuck in the mission office for a time. I was pretty happy to recieve the letter and actually read it to my companion during our weekly planning. It was good reminder not to lose track of why you are on the mission.
I received the package you sent. It was really nice to open it and see some things that I haven't seen in awhile.
I should let you know that we are killing it here in our sector. Me and Elder RodrĂ­guez are both working really hard and it is showing. The way the vision of President Bruce works is that he gives you four different levels to work towards. His vision is that everyone should be able to get to the highest level, but he gives you the lower ones to work yourself up (I think that's why, at least). That being said, to get the highest level is a lot of work, but we were able to do it this week. The hardest thing to get is new investigators because you can't just go out and find them based solely on your desire. The number for the highest level is 10 and this week we got 17. We also had 31 lessons which is double what I was getting last transfer.
We are having a lot of success working with the members here and even though we are in a really small sector, our work is paying off and we are really finding the success that we want.

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