Monday, December 5, 2011

November 25, 2011

You wanted to know about all my devotionals so far so I will give you the update - on mass. We get a Sunday and a Thursday devotional, the Thursday ones are always just members holding high level positions in the church. The Sunday ones are (have been) at least members of the 70.

My first Sunday we had a talk by William Attkins, who is a member of the Legal department and he gave a talk about religious freedom and how the church works at getting religious freedom into countries where there is none as well as how they see the hand of the Lord in those efforts. This talk was absolutely amazing. I really liked it.

Second Sunday was Richard R Heaton, who is the Director of the MTC. He isn't the MTC president, just the guy in charge of the logistics. He gave a talk on Tithing which was really interesting, apparently it was the second installment of one he had given 3 weeks earlier.

Third Sunday was President Harris who is the District President at the MTC and he was kinda boring so I had trouble staying awake since I was really tired.

Our first Thursday was Edwardo Gavarett of the 70 and the talk didnt really do anything for me so my notes and remembrance of the topic is rather poor.

Our second Thursday was Tad R. Callister of the 70 and he talked on the Great Apostasy, 10 reasons why it is known that it happened and why it is needed for it to be understood by investigators to better accept the need for the restoration. I could easily spend my half hour writing on this talk alone but I will find out if he realeased the talk and if he did you can look it up. I love Tad R. Callisters talks.

Our third Thursday was D Todd Christopherson of the Twelve. He gave a good talk on missionary work and how we are extensions of the Quorum of the 12, but nothing really stood out for me to say expressly.

Because it was Thanksgiving this week in America, we also got a talk from Russell M. Nelson of the Twelve  (2 Quorum of the 12 speakers in 3 days), and he gave a talk on Thanksgiving and giving thanks and the talk was really well given. You should try and find the song Hallelujah <Insert - Handel's Messiah> by the Mormon Tabernacle choir as he played it for us and it was really good.

On Thanksgiving we also had a service project putting together injury kits as well as a presnetation by the guy in charge of all church humanitarian projects (name escapes me) on the clean water, prenatal resusitation and the humanitarian relief in New Orleans. That was really interesting.

We finished off Thanksgiving day stuff with the movie 17 Miracles. Was really good.

Elder Paulson and Schindler left this week on Tuesday which was hard. The room is a lot more quiet without them, but we spent a long time talking way into the night on Monday. They are in Guatemala now and that is probably a little rough for them but I think they will do well.

The District says thanks for the donuts btw, they were really good.

Sorry if my spelling is a bit bad but there is an Australian girl talking behind me and I keep catching myself listening : )
Love you,