Monday, December 5, 2011

November 18, 2011

Its looking like my departure date to Chile is going to be on the 3rd of January (departures are on Tuesdays).

When I met Elder Kastendik we flew together from Edmonton till Seattle and then we met a guy from BC when we got there but we all sat seperate.

P-days here are pretty underwhelming, all there really is to do is laundry, go to the temple and catch up on sleep. Today though I spent three hours in the BYU hospital while Elder Weeter got 3 hours of bloodwork done. I'll let you know the outcome of that in my next letter.

The money that I have is definitely going to be enough. I get 6 bucks every week for w/e I want and I haven't spent more than that in a week.

That's nice to hear that Blaine's room is looking good and that you were able to get it done so quick.

The spanish is coming alot better now that I am getting into the swing of things.

I would give my condolances about getting smashed in the face <Insert - soccer>, but it is so totaly expected that I find myself just impressed at the severity <Insert - impressive black eye>.

I haven't worked out at all but we get gym time almost everyday and so I have just been using that time for some exercise. I have been playing volleyball and it is a lot of fun. When I started playing it was pretty bush league, but there is a guy here now who played competitively and so I have been playing on his team, he is cocky and calls me Canada but its a lot funner playing with him than not, so w/e.

The food here is alright but I am begining to like it less each day, however there is a wrap station that I go to almost every meal and it is always good so I'll make it.

Elder Paulson and Elder Shindler are leaving on Tuesday so I will be alone with Elder Weeters snoring after that, but that's not too bad. I hope we get two new guys in our room when another district comes in cause I think that would be cool. I am really glad I brought my Rubik's cube as it has made some boring times bearable.

For christmas I wouldn't mind getting another two short sleeve shirts and a new watch, the one you got me hasn't worked properly at all since I left. It stops working after about five minutes until you hit it on something and then runs for another 5 min. I thought about buying another one but I figure it is something you can actually get me that I need.

Also I'll tell you my district's names:
Me and Elder Weeter
Elder Shindler and Elder Paulson (roommates)
Elder Hamblin and Elder Christensen
Elder Wells and Elder Mikesell
Elder Parker and Elder Gillespie

Also remember that if you want me to get a Dear Elder in letter form by Rriday to be in my hand while I'm writing, then it has to be in before Thurday at noon, i still get the emails though.

Finally let me know if you want any specific pictures from the MTC so that I can get them for you.

It was really nice to hear from you again.


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