Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16, 2011

It's probably nice for you doing a smaller Christmas this year and probably next. In that you are taking it easy it's a good time to really spend some time focusing on the family and the true reason for christmas this year. One thing you could do is look at watching the clips the First Presidency are realeasing about the birth, life and ministry of Christ. I'm not sure how many of them will be there for Christmas, but I know that at least up to his birth is out right now. I dont know the URL, but you can find them through <Insert ->

My life has generally been really boring this week and I dont have much to say - I'm ready to leave the MTC and get to the mission field. However, one of our teachers said goodbye this week because he is taking Christmas off and that was one of the aspects of leaving the MTC that I wasn't ready for - saying goodbye to some of the people that you have grown close to over the last 7 weeks. On the flip side, he was one of our progressing investigators here at the MTC and our last lesson went really well with him, so one of the last things that we will remember about him was good, plus we got his e-mail so we can send some stuff after the mission.

We got a letter from our Mission President last week and I hadn't found time to read it until today, but I was really impressed by what he had to say. I already think that he is gonna be a sweet guy to have running our mission and he has an attitude that I can really get behind and follow. I still have to read the letters from the AP's and the Mission President's wife, but the one from President Bruce really impressed me.

I really wish that I was out of the MTC now so that I could share something more than this pitiful letter I write every week because nothing new happens. Soon!

Love Jord

Oh BTW, tell grandma that she doesn't have to call me Elder McCaskill, she is my grandma.