Monday, December 5, 2011

December 2, 2011

I have to tell you what I have learned this week about the devotionals here. The talks given aren't officially approved by the first presedency so they don't ever get released, so Tad R Callister's talk won't get released   : (

Its going really well here, I'm pretty much entirely adjusted for the time being. I have really been loving gym lately. One of the guys from my district wants to get in better shape before he leaves so if he sticks with it that will be good for me as well. I am really trying to get into it more and I have been reading the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish and it has been really cool. Our lessons have been going really well and me and Elder Weeter are working together better now. We were talking to a teacher and he really stressed the importance of teaching the investigator and not the lessons, because as much as the lessons are amazingly well put together if they don't accept that they need it, it will never matter.

In only 4 weeks here I feel as though I have already gotten so much better at teaching, even in English and the Spanish is coming along really fast. We started trying to speak as much Spanish as we can possibly do this week and I am already seeing the benifits in both my speaking and in my understanding. It's amazing how fast it is coming to me even though I feel like I am struggling through it. Our lessons have always been only in Spanish and it has been amazing to see the difference in our lessons alone. I'm at the point now where I know enough to say roughly everything I need to.

Fried spiders sounds gross <Insert - reference to an experience by Elder Riley Bates who is on his mission in Madagascar. He ate them!>

I don't have time to e-mail anyone else, however if i have more time in the field I would like to be able to e-mail some other people.

That's cool that they extended the time on the Nativity. That's a great opportunity for people to come in and look around. Its too bad that they aren't doing it on Sundays because I think that would be an excellent time for people who aren't members to see the church services, despite it being a small distraction for a little while.

I wish I could help you with your computer issues but I can't, have fun!!! <Insert - referring to setting up the blog. I think I've got the basics now.>

As far as getting packages through the mail in Chile, everyone I have talked to says go to the store and buy big pictures of the virgin mary and stick them on the top of the box and then put pictures of crosses on the side and they get through untouched.

What was Spencer's reporting date again? <Insert - a friend of Jordan's (called to the Sophia, Bulgaria mission, leaving in February)>

I feel really bad cause I have 10 minutes left and nothing left to say so...

Si mi padre, leo la escrituras durante mi estudiar de personal. El Libro de Mormon is muy importante para nos a aprender y progressar. A treves el libro de mormon ensenamos muchas personas y vienamos muchos bautismos.

(That is as correct as I am able to do off the top of my head right now.)