Monday, April 1, 2013

March 18, 2013

That would be dad's biggest worry about the blizzard and big snowfall - Not that there might be accidents or anything like that, but that it is going to delay golf season.

The work you're doing in the bathroom is pretty cool. I did some unplanned service this week in the street and it was even more cool. We saw this lady hitting some wooden beams on a really horribly built little shade blocker. It was put together with really bad wood and overly large screws. After we figured out what she wanted done (because we couldn't really understand anything she said - about 1 word for every 20) I spent about 5 minutes smacking on the wooden beam as hard as i could to get it in place. Pretty sweet!

That is really funny about the anniversary party. I don't even know what to say...but I did read that to the missionaries here with me.

It was ironic that you mentioned The New Asian Village because yesterday I had the hugest craving for Indian food. It actually made me feel a little depressed. Indian food and a huge filet mignon.

Grandma filled me in on all of Jana's baby details like the name and everything.

I think you've probably figured out the correct date I return home (Around Oct 22).

During the last recording I was in ChaƱaral and there are hills there, but Diego is flat, I don't get out of breath walking around Diego.

That is pretty much everything for this week. I answered all your other questions in the recording with my smooth and sexy voice. (Thats right - I just said sexy).

Love you guys,

Audio summary...
We're in El Salvador today - it's really cool here. The streets are really wide whereas in the rest of Chile the streets are narrow. I'm looking at a street right now that you could easily fit 6 lanes. It's like freeway width. El Salvador is interesting because it's really high in the mountains and it's desert obviously, but there's trees here and the air is really cool, really different. Calama is really high in altitude, but it's not like this.

We had a pretty good week. The problem is we were sharing with Ivo this week and talked to his mom and she said he could get baptized so we were like "sweet". Then his dad said no, so now he's not going to get baptized. I'm so annoyed. But, we found a really good lady this week. Her name is Erika. She's about 35ish. We walked to the door the first day and she said she didn't have time to listen, but to come back tomorrow. So, we went back and she just let us in even though she had guests at her house, so that was pretty cool. We had a good lesson there and she couldn't go to church this week but she said she wanted to go next week. We're pretty excited to see what happens with her. Other than that it was a pretty  normal week. We visited member and less actives and people are coming back from holidays so it's nice.

In El Salvador, which is in my District, they have a baptism coming up. It's Francesca who I talked about before. I actually met her before the vacations when the whole District met there and split off, so that's great!

There are transfers next week. I'll be able to tell you next Monday where I'm going to be and who my companion will be - if I'm leaving. President Bruce might leave me here again - it wouldn't be my favorite, but he could do it.

I don't know if there's anything else. Elder Casas and I are getting along really well. We're doing the training to get him all perfect. I really want to do a good job so we're doing all our study time and everything.

That's pretty much it. So, I'll talk to you next week. I love you guys and hope you have a good week.


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