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March 25, 2013

Listen to my recording for all the information on my transfer and what has happened this week. I have decided to write this smaller and keep track of things in my Agenda to say. So, my recording is longer and I´ll have a bit more time to do some other stuff on the computer.

That is cool to hear about your provincials and that you won. I told some of the Elders here that you play soccer and they said "you mean played (past tense) right?" I said no, she plays currently. I didn't know that Provincials was just a round robin, total points. I thought it was more of a playoff style, but I guess that would be tough with only 4 teams.

I know that the bathroom isn't finished yet, but it looks really, really good.

That was pretty crazy about the pile up near Leduc. More than 60 cars - I can't imagine. 

I like how you guys made the print really big in your e-mail to make it look bigger... it was a nice touch.

Audio summary...
First of all, you are probably wanting to know if I got transferred. The answer is... yes, I did. I'm going to Calama. Calama is a city 3 hours from Antofagasta and hours from Tocopia - they form a triangle with Calama being quite far towards the mountains. It's really cold there at night and really hot during the day. So, that's fun. I'm going to be going there and finishing the training  for an elder - it's his second transfer in the mission field. His name is Elder Lopez and he's from Elder Casas' group - he thinks he might be from Peru, but he's not sure. The elder coming here is Elder Mikesell, from my group. He's one of the elders I lived with in Alto Hispiscio. He'll be Elder Casas' new companion and will finish off his training.

Interestingly, you guys were talking about having to fix your toilet. I also decided to fix my toilet in the Pension this week because it was leaking. Actually, it never stopped running so we were losing a lot of water. It was also annoying to have to turn the water on and off every time I used it. So, I just fixed it. I went out and bought the inner parts of the toilet... it would have been really easy but what happened was the 2 bolts that hold the tank onto the seat were rusted and we couldn't loosen the nut from the bolt. We ended up having to get one of those thin metal saws, slipping it in between the tank and the seat and cutting bolt in half which a big pain for us, but after we got that done it was really straight forward. The seal fit well and bolts fit fine, the tank was good and now it works perfectly.

Apparently my new Pension is really, really nice. I haven't been there yet so I don't really know, but that's what I hear. I'm looking forward to that because I've kind of drawn the short straw a couple of times while I've been here, in the whole Pension clean-up thing.

Also, when we went to El Salvador last week I bought refried beans. You probably think "Oh, big deal - refried beans" but they were really expensive. A little can of refried beans was $6-7. So it was a big purchase... those little beans, but I made bean burritos and it was fantastic! It was probably one of the greatest meals I've had here besides Poutine. That was something else! I did that about 4x and then I couldn't find gravy anymore - that made me so sad. So... I made bean burritos. That was pretty cool!

As far as work here in the sector this week we were able to find a couple people. We found 1 lady that was really, really good, but her husband is very closed minded and doesn't want anything to do with us, which is actually very common here in this little pueblo. So, we're not going to pass by there anymore... or the missionaries here won't, as I'm leaving.
We did find 1 lady that was really good last week, but we couldn't connect with her this week. They're going to have to try and pass by her house this week. Apart from that I don't really know what I'm going into. This sector has been really hard, but I've learned a ton here. I'm not sad I was here, but I'm ready to leave. I'm getting a little bored. But... I've learned so much here and it's been really good. It's interesting, the branch president's family is the only really active family in the branch. I told the branch president's wife this morning that I'm leaving and she wrote me a note that was really, really nice. There's a quote in Preach My Gospel that says you have to ask yourself if you've been a help or a hindrance where you're serving. This branch right here... I feel like I've been a really big help. Not to be proud or anything, but I feel like I've left a mark here, at least in one place. I only baptized one person in 4 months, but I feel like I did a good job. She really want us to come back, so we'll probably pass by this little tiny pueblo and you can get to know her. She's super cool.

That's what happened this week. I'm really happy I'll be in a bigger city for General Conference because I'm not sure how/if they will get it in the little pueblo, as I don't think they have a satellite dish. I feel sorry for Elder Mikesell and my kid (Elder Casas) who will be here for his first conference in the mission field. That really sucks for them, but I'm happy. Then, for the Mother's Day phone call I'll probably also be in Calama, which is pretty nice because it's a big city. So, that's what's going on with me this week. I'm leaving in about 45 minutes.

I hope you guys have a good week. I love you all... talk to you next week.

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