Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013

First off... I completely forgot to do a recording this week.

Random nerdy comment - I miss my G15 keyboard.

That's a drag that the sink wasn't what you ordered, but at least you caught it in time.

I am really running out of time. There are things a little bit outside of my control, but I wanted to let you know that this week we had a baptism here in my sector. I pretty much walked into it, but it was still pretty cool. She was investigating the church for like 2 years. It was really weird though because her husband is a return missionary and he didn't want to do the baptism, so my companion did it for him.

We did not really do anything for Easter, but we went to church, so that was cool.

I am glad you bore your testimonies.

I am so excited to go to conference here in a big city. Try and go to, or at least watch as many sessions as you are able to .

I do have a mamita in this sector. The problem with making my own refried beans is not that I don't know how...it's that black or kidney beans simply don't exist here as far as I know... just like brown sugar.

My companion Elder Lopez is from Guatemala.

I am really sorry this is so short, but I will give you a nice big recording next week and will probably have some more time.

I love you guys,

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