Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Next my week was a little strange as it seemed  we were hardly in the sector. It was something like this...
Mon- in Chañaral
Tues- half day in Diego
Wed- full day, but travelled to Chañaral at night
Thurs- conference in Copiapo
Friday- got back to the sector at 7:30 in the morning. Worked all day - about 4 hours of sleep.
Sat and Sun- same as usual

One cool thing that we started this week was we held a nighttime sacrament meeting at 9pm for the miners that are here in Diego, so we had 2 Sacrament meetings. I was looking at the binder that has the record of our church meetings - in the last 11 weeks I have done something like nine talks, maybe ten. Needless to say, I am getting pretty good. It has gotten to the point that while I am conducting the meeting my companion prepares a talk, and then while he is giving his talk, I prepare mine. I realize that it would probably be better if we prepared talks, before but when it comes down to it we are both a bit too lazy to do it when it's getting so easy.

That sucks that Grandma's car didn't start when you went to pick it up. I know that's a pain, but at least it you were able to get it to the garage and it was pretty simple to get fixed.

Not surprisingly, soccer is huge here and we play it a lot when we get together for activities. An interesting thing that I have noticed is that when there is a team of Latinos and a team of North Americans that know what they are doing play, the North American missionaries usually win because the Latinos tend to keep the ball and usually lose control trying to do tricks, but the Gringos pass a lot and score. I am not a good example of that because my soccer skills are not very good.

I don't think you guys realize how the church is here in the north of Chile. It is not established in the same way it is in North America - many of the things we consider routine, are not actually done. In the whole of my mission, I have seen only one high council visit - that was in Antofagasta. It was because he lived in the ward and wanted to say something. There are really strong members here, but they are few and far between.

Coming home a little bit early is definitely confirmed and will be happening. (Jordan heard previously that he will be coming home 2 weeks earlier than originally expected.)

It looks like Grandma did not get the time to write me this week, but maybe I will receive something in the next week - a little bit of the goings on and more importantly, the gossip about the eligible ladies of Sherwood Park :P  .

Love you all,

Summary of audio clip...
This was a weird week- atypical. (As above)  It started by us going to Chañaral for activities - mostly soccer.  We had our normal PDay and got to relax a bit. We got Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday to work in the sector and then travelled to Chañaral and onto Copiapo, which is a big city 2 hours south, for a conference with the 2 zones there and ours.

It was a pretty big conference with President Bruce. He spoke about some pretty cool stuff - the interpretation of the Tree of Life, the difference between the Holy Ghost and the Spirit and how the light of Christ plays into that. I also got to eat quesadillas, made by Sister Bruce.

After that, we came back to the sector and worked until Sunday. Tonight, everyone came to Chañaral to do "the attack" here. We're in Diego right now.

Our investigators - we found 2 families, both from Columbia, and possibly a 3rd we may meet at the end of the week.These families are really good, very receptive, but they are a bit lazy about going to church, making appointments and following through, stuff like that. We really need to make an extra effort this week to pass by them and get everything worked out.

We also have another really good opportunity here in Diego - we have worked it out to hold 2 Sacrament meetings, the regular one at 10am and one at 9pm because the miners wanted one. They couldn't hold it at the mines and they aren't home to attend there. We weren't able to pull it together for this week, but next week should be a lot better.

We went to one of the families this week and the father was a little drunk. He was asking our names, where we're from and a bit about what we do. He'd had a bit to drink, but just a little bit.
We went back again and this time he was drunk, drunk, drunk. At one point he was talking to me and said "sorry" in Spanish and then caballo, which is horse. He probably meant to say caballero, which is gentleman or sir. Then he tried to say my name and it came out as something totally random... nothing like McCaskill. It was super, super funny. We laughed our heads off.

In the morning we had our district meeting, which was normal. Played some soccer... again. We're now waiting for a Cyber to open so we can go on the internet. That's about it.

Oh... this is the last week of cambios. Next Saturday evening I'll find out if I'm staying or going... my companion and all that stuff. You can look forward to that news. We'll have PDay in the sector next week... that will be nice.

That's what's going on here.
I love you guys,

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