Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5, 2012

I am sorry to say mom that I looked at your picture and the first thing that came to mind was ¨wow my mom looks older.¨ (Thanks! I'll have to look for a camera with less mega pixels.) I don't think the change was anything big, but you have obviously gotten a little older and then the glasses (generic magnification glasses for reading) didn't really help. That being said the glasses are definitely what I would expect you to buy. It is a little bit interesting to me that they are seeing a slight decline in your sight, but I guess given your work - the fact that you spend a large part of the day looking at a computer screen it really isn't all that surprising that it is happening (uh... and my age...).

About your wedding anniversary - I obviously just ran out of time last week to mention that because I am so good at remembering the dates of important events in my life like birthdays of family members and stuff. 

Oh, believe me, I already knew that I was coming up on one year (Nov 2/12) and mentioning it would not have made any difference for me. We didn't really change anything because I did not let anyone know except the other missionaries in the sector... and my mamita the day before. We just burned a shirt and then went to bed. It is pretty much what I wanted. I am pretty sure that when I am in my last transfer I may tell people that I have less time. It is just not a big deal for me to celebrate the milestones here in the mission with anything other than what I should be doing, that's working.

We moved pensions this week. About 4 hours after I finished writting about how awesome it was, we recieved a call from the zone leaders telling us that we had to move. We were going to have to move to an apartment, but we talked with one family here and we moved in with them. It is a couple - she used to be the food mamita for the missionaries about three months ago, and years ago, they had the missionaries living in their house in Santiago for 15 years. They are used to missionaries. I think the mamita loves it because they can't have any kids and we love it because they are awesome. We switched all of the food and washing to her so now it is all in the same house and easier for us. Also this lady can cook anything... we had fetuccini Alfredo for lunch today....I am happy! 

We are having more success here in this sector than I was having before although we really don't have anyone that has gone to church, so I will wait until next week to let you know what is going on there. But, I am definitely more happy here.

It will indeed be really interesting to see what effect the age announcement will have on the missionary work around the world when the younger missionaries start coming out. Apparently the church is looking at the growth here in South America and the South America South Area and are not going to be building anymore meetinghouses for now. Apparently the areas of China, India and Africa are all very very close to being ready to recieve missionaries. This is information that I have managed to gleen from a conference that all the mission presidents from the South America South area had with Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks in Argentina.

I have really not had any problems adapting to the food here - it is largely the same as what we eat at home, just prepared in a different way. There are some things that I don't like very much and some things that I am sick of eating (like rice and chicken), but it is really all pretty easy, though my bowels quite frequently protest a little bit. I have not really done any cooking here, but I could see making a thing or two at some point.

I have been praying for my shoes to arrive soon, ever since I asked you to order them.

Tell maxine HI!


Elder Santos, Elder Kennedy, Elder McCaskill

Family from Antofagasta

 Making donuts

Me and Elder Chota (not my companion)

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