Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Your letter had a lot of information this week, BTW. It was nice.

We got to go to the beach today and it was a lot of fun. The four of us were going to meet up with the other group before going, but decided to just go straight there. I think that it was a good idea. We took some baseball gloves that the papito (dad) had here in the pension and the other two started playing catch while me and my companion started messing around with  a soccer ball. Then me and Elder Galovich started throwing the ball around a little bit until it turned into a throwing competition which was really fun. I forgot how fun it was to throw a ball around like that. When we got warmed up we were probably throwing it half the soccer field or more in distance with all our strength. It was really fun and I even started sweating. Then the zone got there and we played ultimate frisbee until lunch and went home. GOOD DAY!

That is cool that you are getting snow....I'm not. I really miss it. One difference here in Arica is how hot the sun is at mid-day. It really is remarkable. It's interesting that it is summer here and we are going into the hottest months while you are going into the coldest. I know you think that I am so blessed here with perfect weather, but I would love to get stuck for an hour and a half in traffic caused by a snow storm right now.

Last week some time I was actually thinking about your soccer ladies because the mamita here in the pension is married, sealed in the temple and a solid member but still has a good sense of humour like the soccer ladies. It is kind of nice because it is not all Book of Mormon jokes and I sometimes slip back into some typical humor. I never said I was perfect though.

There is no such thing as November 11 (Remembrance Day) as far as I know because that has to do with the World War but Chile as a country is rather new so they were not part of it. Really, September 18th is the big holiday here and there is nothing else I'm aware of. They have a lot of days off for a variety of reasons, but  there are really not many big Celebrations.

You can tell Garret to keep up the fitness routine. When I get back from the mission I want to keep eating a bit more and work out when I have a bit more time and my schedule is not quite so rigid. Hot personal trainer girlfriend... I'm impressed, Plesty. You really need to stay in touch with him for me. I'm glad you had him over for supper to catch up and pass along some news - I'm sure he enjoyed the homemade pie too.

Dad, as scary as that sounds that as Ward Mission leader you might be as busy as a bishop, it's worth it.  The Ward Mission Leader has the most potential of any person in a ward to make a difference in what happens with the missionary work, Bishop included. (Book of Jordan 13:23).

That is really interesting about Courtney putting in her mission papers, let me know when she gets the call.

I have to go now but...

Love Jord.

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