Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Elder Hernàndez is from Talca, Chile. He is interestingly, my first Chilean companion. District leader is really the same except that I have to run the District meetings and take numbers to pass to the zone leaders a couple days a week. I also pass along any information that is needed by the sectors. I am only over three sectors including my own so it is not too bad.

This might be the nicest pension in the whole mission. I took you a few pictures so that you can see, but it is really nice. We have a living room that has a TV (we don't use) and it is fully furnished. We have a Ping Pong table (we do use) and it has a really nice bathroom.

Arica is pretty nice. It is really hot here, but the night time is just like Tocopilla, almost perfect. I will not use a jacket in my whole time here unless something really weird happens. I think there are things to see, but we usually don't go to do those things because we are ultimately more lazy on Pday than anything else.

I am really happy with my companion - we get along really well and we both just want to get out and work, so I think that we'll have more success here. Also, the people here are just more open to the missionaries... so we'll see what happens. 

We had a pretty good zone activity today (which in typical style, I took no pictures of). We went to the house of the mamita that used to have the missionaries here in Los Industriales and she made the whole zone mexican food. It was really good... it only cost us about 3 dollars to cover the cost of food for the activity...I doubt that covered it all.

Don't worry about my feet, I have been dealing with my shoes just fine this last little while and I can keep it up for a couple months more if I need to.

I know this is really short, but I uploaded about 50 pictures so you can enjoy that this week.

Love Jord

Older pictures:

Jordan and his mamita (Antofagasta)

Missionary shoes - waiting on new ones

Elder McCaskill and Jonatan (member in Tocopilla)

Elder Lopèz - "fanning" the coals

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