Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 19, 2012

We may not be able to sleep in here, but we sure do take advantage of the afternoon nap. We come back hungry at lunch, eat a ridiculous amount and then get really tired. (We should be doing language study, but it is really hard sometimes.)

I really need to get back to doing a workout again. I will probably ask Elder Galovich to rip me out of bed because I don't have any problem waking up on time, but the act of getting out of bed is what kills me. I know that I need to get going again on that so that I can stay in shape and have good habits when I get back home of working out everyday.

I did not understand a lot of what mom told me about her job situation but it sounds to me like both of you are looking at possible opportunities to switch things up a bit at work. I totally understand that. The mission is basically like a 2 year job sprint here in Chile - the work is basically always the same, but something as easy as getting transferred to a different sector or  city to work makes a big difference to your efficiency and how you function. Changes allow  you to go in with renewed energy, just like after the interviews with President Bruce.

Tell the missionaries there to buck up and not get down because their teaching pool may be small currently. They are in the mission to baptize and they have a baptism scheduled, so they are doing good. Also, you should give them references, names of people that are just good people that they could possibly visit. With only a name and a direction it is so much easier to get into a house to teach someone and that is all most missionaries need.

It's good that you're having grandma over more regularly. You should be spoiling her and not  just the dog.

I think that I am actually eating smarter now, not necessarily just eating less. I have really cut down on eating bread. The mamita here gives better portions and I feel like I am actually more fit than before when I weighed a bit more. Interestingly, I have a muscle on the outside of my shin where I never had a muscle before - we are pretty sure that it is from all the walking. I may not be the most fit in my upper body, but I can walk at a pretty decent speed for about 5 hours straight if I am not ridiculously hot.

Oh... on P-day we weren't really playing soccer. We were playing in the sand and I made a little mountain of sand and put the ball on it and tried to score goals in a 10 foot rugby standard by chipping it over my companion's head. We were mostly just goofing around and it was more fun than actually playing. (I hurt for about 4 days after throwing the baseball.)

Well, we had a baptism this week that I completely forgot to tell you about last week. It was a lady, Dora, that was going to get baptized last transfer, but she decided not to go through with it on the day of her baptism. Her husband got baptized alone. We have been working with her since I got here and we were all really excited when she got baptized this week (most of the zone).

We have some other investigators that are progressing, but there is one that I am most excited for - a girl named Mary who went to Dora´s baptism. The problem is that she goes to Tacna, Peru every Saturday and Sunday so she can't go to church here. We got her all the times and locations of the wards in Tacna and she promised us that she would go to one there to see what it was like.

I am really happy here in this sector and this city. I really hope that I can spend Christmas here.


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