Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Life this week was a little crazy. We had a baptism in the ward that we had to be at, and also had our own baptism for three people on Saturday - none had been interviewed, so we were running around alot.  Then Saturday night we received the transfers for today - Elder Valle is leaving for Arica so we were running around to all the houses of the members and people he knows.

So first things first. Elder Valle is going to Arica tonight and he is going to be a zone leader there. I will be staying here with Elder Lopez (different Lopez, from Utah) who is coming to be my companion. I will be killing Elder Lopez (I will be his last companion) because he only has one transfer left and I will be Senior Companion for this transfer. 

We had three baptisms this week. It was the mother and sister of one of the recent converts in the ward. I have been significantly more impressed with them in this last week and I think that they will do well. 

The other baptism was a blessing. We recieved a referral on Monday, contacted him Tuesday and taught him Tues, Wed and Thurs, interviewed him Friday, baptized him Saturday, and confirmed him Sunday. All this happened since my last email. That is what can happen when someone passes you a reference of someone who has been to church 4 times on their own.

As far as the lessons with Dayssi and Efrain go we will not be going anymore because of the transfers. We will be passing the reference to the new Elders there and I hope they will continue to go.

As far as the message from President Bruce goes, it was about a drop in enthusiasm in the work that we received about a week ago. His response was basically just "your problem is internal, fix it" and was exactly what I needed.

I got the workout and yes, I think I have gained weight, but I am planning on fixing that because I don't like it, although I don't have a scale.

Love Jord

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