Saturday, March 10, 2012

February 27, 2012

One thing that I am really going to miss for these two years is not having any snow, or anything at all for the matter. Really the only thing living here is trees that have been grown with a lot of effort. Oh, and the other day I saw grass, which was pretty cool. 

That sucks that your furnace stopped working, but good that you were able to get it started again with a bit of effort. Kind of similar to that -they don't have hot water heaters here, but they have this thing called a Califon that uses gas to heat your water. It's not like a hot water heater because there is no reservoir for the water, it's either on or off and the gas comes from a tank like we use for BBQ´s. Anyway, one day it stopped working because someone turned off our hot water pressure, but we got it going again after about 3 days.

I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get to hear Blake´s talk and that there aren't notes but I honestly didn't think there would be. I probably won't have notes either. It´s interesting that he said some of that stuff because when Elder Bednar was at the MTC he talked a little bit about that. Elder Bednar said that faith is believing in what is taught to you, and conversion is living it every day of your life.

I imagine that Austin is pretty excited to go to Quebec and I am really seeing that the calls that we recieve for our missions are inspired choices and that we can do a lot of good where we are called to serve if we embrace it. 

That's cool that the ward has a new member and that she decided to take the plunge (bad joke) after such a long time. As far as how my first baptism didn't. His mom was in Santiago so we pushed it back. We are not really worried about whether he will get baptized, just when. It is looking like we will probably do it tomorrow or Wednesday so I'll let you know how it went after it happens.

Elder López got his new companion, Elder Burnett last week. He is from Utah, somewhere close to Salt Lake and he is fresh from the MTC. His Spanish is really good and he is way farther along than I was, but we all have different talents and I know that he will do really good.

I think Elder Christensen is doing a lot better at home, but I'm not sure about anything other than that (He returned home due to undiagnosed medical issues and will hopefully be able to come back). Elder Revi and Elder López seem to leave us out of the loop sometimes on things like that.

The Spanish is coming. I have never really had any issue with speaking, but I have a ton of trouble understanding people here. It is partially because they speak really fast and partially because it's not really Spanish. Even the Chileans joke that their Spanish sucks, but their Chilean is really good. When I talk to say Columbians, I understand a lot more because they speak a lot clearer.  

I actually finished Jesus the Christ not long after I sent that email and it was a really awesome book. I am glad that I read it as it has really raised my testimony of the life of Christ. Now I have started reading the BoM again, but with a question this time and trying to use this read through to give me insight into my question. It is something that Elder Bednar said to do.

One thing that me and Elder Revi have been doing is teaching the first lesson to some members and we have really noticed that they have been appreciating that. We have recieved some comments that it is really nice to hear the message of the restoration from the missionaries for the first time in 20 years. This is kind of like mission accomplished as far as the vision goes.

Anyways I should go. Have fun in Arizona.