Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 20, 2012


I got my letter and my memory card this week but I have yet to read it because I think I may want to take a moment for myself to read it. I can't really think of anything that I feel that I am lacking right now, but I will think about it more and see if I find a need. I would have needed a cable for my camera, but Elder Lopez had an extra that he gave so I am good there.

I would love to tell you that the weather has changed here recently, but it is pretty much identical everyday. Nothing has really changed at all in that regard.

We have been having a lot of success with the new vision this week and we really hope the success we are having keeps going at this pace. One thing that I was annoyed with recently was with how missionaries here seem to move through the lessons in a strange order. At times they are almost against teaching them in order. (We could imagine this being disconcerting for Jordan - the logical/rational thinker!) But, we just had an e-mail this week from President Bruce about how he thinks this needs to be changed to allow us to focus and keep things going in a thorough and timely manner.

One of the things we have for the month of February is to read a list of scriptures from the president about love and also to read chapter 8 of PMG (Preach My Gospel) 8 times and chapter 13 thirteen times. I have really been getting a lot out of that. I would really encourage the ward mission leader *cough cough* to take some time to focus on getting to know what the missionaries are doing really well (the circumstances of their investigators and how they are progressing) as well as getting involved and taking opportunities to go teaching with them (which it sounds like you are doing) cause it helps so much. Also, I think that reading through Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel is a good idea for anyone.

Recently I have been reading Jesus the Christ and I can honestly say that it is probably the best book that I have ever read. I am about 650 pages through and thirsting to read more all the time.

As much as I had a negatively biased feeling of French Canada (sorry), I feel that learning French will be super useful for anyone and I am really excited for Austin. (Austin Oviatt recently received his mission call to the Montreal, Quebec French speaking mission.) Honestly, I have had thoughts of learning French when I get home because it should be a lot easier with knowledge of Spanish and very useful. My advice would be to jump right in and to really use the time they give you in the MTC to study...to study and not nap.

Interesting about Vivian Baker committing to baptism after investigating for 2+ years. The other companionship in our area had a baptism a week or two ago for a lady who has been attending church with her husband for 7 years without being baptized. Needless to say that the number of times attending church wasn't an issue.

I had the opportunity to go give a talk this week in church because most of the branch was in Santiago to go to the temple. They didnt really have speakers so the missionaries gave talks. It was really cool and I decided to speak on the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. What was pretty cool was that I was able to do it pretty much without any notes and I think that it was pretty good. I took up a quote and a list of scriptures with a short sentence about each in English and just started talking with a bit of a plan in my mind. It was a really good experience.

It sounds like two of the girls from here are planning on going on missions after being to the temple in Santiago. They are really awesome and I know they will do great because most of the youth here, including them, help us teach all the time.
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