Monday, March 19, 2012

March 12, 2012

We are definitely having super relaxing P days now and it is awesome for us. My foot is feeling better - not perfect, but better and I am planning on giving it all the rest that I can today in the hopes that it gets better still. Mostly I am following the ignore it and hope that it goes away philosophy which seems to be working. I have no clue why it was hurting though.

I am so jealous of you going skiing. That is something that I am going to miss. I haven't even seen rain for 2 months and believe it or not, I really want it to snow. We will definitely need to go skiing when I get home.

That is pretty cool that you got to see the hockey game in Phoenix. I'm sure that you enjoyed that. That's pretty awesome that Mandy and Jacek came down for the weekend. I'm sure that was...interesting. Interesting and fun, I imagine. I have really no idea when you left because time doesn't really exist in the mission - everything that you do is based on a weekly schedule that all points towards Sunday and getting people to church.

I think that the next transfer date is on March 26th. I have actually already been through one transfer but I didn't move. I don't know if I will actually go anywhere soon because it really all depends on what President Bruce wants. I know there are missionaries who have served for more than a year in one sector, so there is really no way to tell.

As far as our investigators go we are having really good luck lately finding people. We think we might be able to baptize 3 people on the 24th with some work, but we have at least one that is a sure thing. We are also working really hard with a family of 4 that we think is basically perfect for the church. We have been working with the mom and her 2 kids - one is 8 and one is 6, but we have yet to meet the dad. She is probably the most interesting for me because she has a really rigid definition of what she thinks a church should be and we are pretty much what she is describing. We have had trouble getting her to church, but she was there yesterday and said that she really enjoyed it. We have an appointment to meet the father this week and if everything goes well with him we will probably be able to memberize the family.

My reading of the BoM (LdM) in Spanish is going really good. I am actually undertstanding a lot more of it than I thought I would. The Spanish was weird this week because I just started understanding most of what everybody was saying. I really hope that doesn't stop because it is really nice. Last week you asked about singing in Spanish and I forgot to answer, but singing in Spanich is basically the same as in English except that I need to go a teeny bit slower. It's just a pronunciation thing and I think that my pronunciation is pretty good.

The meeting in Antofa was awesome. It was really awesome to be able to talk to everyone and see how they were doing. President Bruce did a presentation and let us ask some questions which was super good and really changed my mentality on some stuff. It was really nice to hear the experiences of some people and how they had compared to mine. As much as we aren't supposed to compare ourselves to other missionaries, it is nice to know whether or not you are way behind everyone or not. I think I´m right on track, so that is good. Interesting though, Elder Weeter (Jordan's companion from the MTC who has lost 60 lbs since arriving in Chile) didn't look a lot different, just his suit didn't really fit at all.

If you want to send me something to test the mail system, you could send candy from Canada that I would recognize, such as a bag of that Lindt dark chocolate or Wonderbars. 

I think I have some time before Elder Revi finishes so I´ll share some of the experiences I've had with the missionary work here.

The people here are really nice and most of them really don't like to insult you, so instead of just telling you that they are not interested, they just set up an appointment and don't show up or they make up some lame excuse about why you can't pass by. It is kind of like a token nice act, but is a bit annoying to walk 20 mins across Tocopilla to knock on the door of an empty house. That being said, I think the people here are a lot nicer generally than the people in Canada or the States from my experience.
On a more comical note, the Sister that we live beside has a dog named Andrew and he really likes to follow the missionaries around for parts of the day. This might seem a bit random, but at this moment he is sleeping underneath my chair at the Ciber.

Well, that is really all that I have to say for now... so until next week...