Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 5, 2012

I am so tired this week. Me and Elder Revi were working really hard all week and I was absolutely exhausted last night, but the week has been really good. One nice thing about today is that 2 P-days ago when we went to Calama they really messed up and we didn’t really do anything, so me and Elder Revi decided we not going to travel 6 hours to Calama and back anymore. So… we are able to have a really relaxing P-day and not really have to worry about a whole lot. Besides, in one of his e-mails his week President Bruce tirĂ³ un palo (threw a stick) which is like made a backhanded comment about missionaries not following P-day rules and ending on time.

That is cool that you are going to Arizona this week and I hope that you have fun. That really sucks about you hurting your ankle ­- I kind of know what that is like right now. My left foot feels like someone pounded a small nail through it and it is really quite painful at the moment. Not really painful enough to stop me from doing anything, but painful enough that I need to slow down the walking speed sometimes.

Also... oh, skiing. I’m going to miss doing that with you. And probably just miss the snow too.

I have had the thought a couple times as to whether or not Buddy (our dog) is going to recognize me or not when I get home. I want to say obviously yes, but 2 years is a long time. 

With respect to the time, and how fast it is going I feel like this is the fastest that time has ever moved for me in my life. It doesn’t really make sense to me - everyday I feel like the days are super long, but then I look at my watch and like 4 days have passed and I don’t really remember them. It’s interesting to me that at the end of this transfer I will have been almost 5 months in the mission.

It is good to hear that Blaine is keeping you on your toes, so that you can always have that little reminder of me. (We took Blaine – Jordan’s mentally handicapped uncle, out for a birthday dinner at Boston Pizza) I have to say I really miss American style pizza here. They have pizza, but it is pretty terrible and not even close to as good as any of the pizza at home.

The baptism didn’t go on Saturday, but we had it on Thursday this week and I think that it went really well for us. Elder Revi said that people were saying I did a good job on the prayer, but that I almost hit his head on the side of the font. I don’t think that it was that close, but maybe it was.

I have only read the Book of Mormon cover to cover the one time in the MTC, but we are constantly studying it to find scriptures to help investigators. That being said though, President Bruce just made the challenge for this month to start reading the Book of Mormon in the language that isn’t our native language (so I’m reading in Spanish and Revi in English).

One cool thing going on tomorrow is that we are having the newbie meeting in Antofagasta for all the people of the last two transfers. Last week there was one for all the Latinos and this week there is one for all the Gringos. I am pretty excited because I will get to see all the people from my district. I have only seen two so far. Also Elder Weeter has lost more than 60 lbs and I want to see that.

Until next week,