Friday, March 8, 2013

March 4, 2013

We are in Tal Tal again this week. We just finished our get together and are going to do Internet  before dinner if we have enough time. This week was kind of interesting as we never really got to work in our sector. We had more like a half week as I had to wait for Elder Casas to arrive. We started working mid-week - our first day of real work was Thursday, but we got a lot done. I was really impressed.

Elder Casas has been in the field almost 1 week - he's straight from the MTC. He's got about 2 1/2 weeks total because missionaries who aren't learning a language only spend 12 days in the MTC now. He's interesting... an interesting dude. He is really, really serious. I don't know if it's just because he's new and doesn't know me that well and doesn't really know how to get accustomed to a new companion... or any companion, but he's really serious about everything.

However... he's a good missionary. He teaches really well. He's a little bit of a know-it-all and doesn't really want to listen to me right now, but I think he'll get over that. He teaches really well and has a good knowledge of the gospel and that's really nice. He's super, super filled with faith. I can see how I've become a little jaded over time. Where I am pessimistic, he is optimistic, probably because I have had more people slam doors in my face, I suppose. But, it's really good actually. This partial week we worked really well and I'm looking forward to this cambio. I just need to get to know him a bit better, I think.

We didn't have too many in church again which is frustrating, but people are finally starting to come back this week. We had 9 people in church instead of 3 - we tripled our attendance. (It sounds good if you look at it that way!) Our branch president came back and another family. It's looking like we'll be pretty good now.

This week we're going to Copiaco for a conference. This will be my third conference in this zone - 1 per transfer. They do them often here. This transfer looks like it might be 2 weeks shorter because they have to make a change for the new missionaries coming in. They're coming in 2 weeks earlier than before. It appears they will end this transfer 2 weeks short to line them up and then back to every 6 weeks from there. At that point, I should be able to give you the exact date when I go home... if you guys want that.

That's about what's been going on. I don't know if you remember me talking about Ivo - the kid we were teaching awhile back who had been going to church with us before he left for vacation. He just returned yesterday - his sister told us. Now we should be able to continue teaching him and see if he can go to church again. That would be super, super, super cool. I just have to talk to his mom and I'm pretty sure he can get baptized. I'm pretty optimistic about that!

Otherwise we have some investigators we're teaching, and some that aren't progressing. They'll listen to us, but they aren't going to church. I mentioned the family we went to see and some guy was at their house and was yelling at us. They were a bit ashamed at the time and didn't really want to look at us, but they don't have any issues with us, so we are still going over there. We have a few things going on, but probably need to look for more contacts. That's my news for this week.

I love you guys. Talk to you later.
See you,

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