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January 14, 2013

That's good that you want to work on more and hopefully better scripture study. What I find is that I usually get bored with just reading. I would challenge you to find a topic that interests you and really study it, using the topical guide and index to see if you cant find the answer to your question. For example, this week I started studying if there were apostles to the prophets in the Old Testament (I'm still working on it). One thing you could also check out are the Institute Student manuals as they provide a lot of information and background to the scriptures - just remember that they don't replace the scriptures :). Also... let me know what you study.

As far as transfers go, I'm staying here in Diego for this transfer and my companion is going to go to Antofagasta to my old sector of Gabriela Mistral. I am receiving an Elder from Paraguay named Elder Rojas.

As much as I am really not wanting to do it, it will be nice to have that exercise routine you sent to do a couple times a week. I have the other one, but I just get bored doing the same thing every week instead of having some change.

I don't want to sound overly trunky but if you go to Arizona make sure you get the latest seasons of Burn Notice for me.

So I am getting really good at giving talks about pretty much any topic that I have in my mind for a good 10 min or so, at the drop of a hat. In this Branch, not only am I assigning talks, presiding, directing, picking the hymns, and sometimes blessing the Sacrament... I have also given talks more weeks than I have not given talks. Oh, I also teach Sunday School. I am actually really enjoying it.

Grandma has been sending me an E-mail every once and a while to give me some news. You guys usually give me the well known news and I usually get some of the gossip from Grandma.

Jordan's time on the computer has been very short lately due to their routine in this sector - they travel to meet as a district or zone every week. He decided to make a recording and send it with some additional details. I'll try and summarize it below:

We got our news about transfers this week. That usually comes on Saturday evening, but this time it was delayed until Sunday, but I don't know why. As mentioned above Jordan is staying in Diego de Almagro and will be getting a new companion, Elder Rojas, from Paraguay. They know who which elders are moving in their district, but not necessarily all the details of who is coming yet. Elder Velasquez will be going to one of Jordan's old sectors - Gabriela Mistral, to serve with Elder Van Pelt, who is 2m 10cm, about 7 ft tall. He is huge! - makes Jordan feel short.

Last Monday they met as a zone. They split off and worked for 2 - 3 hours. He went with Elder Farnsworth to see an investigator name Francesca - she is 13 years old. Her mom has finally consented to let her get baptized, but her dad (who does not live with them) has not. They taught a super good lesson, focusing on some of the challenges she might face, and also the great blessings that would come to her throughout her life if she got baptized. They were really happy with it. Just yesterday (Saturday), he heard from Elder Farnsworth that her mom is going to allow La Francesca to get baptized even if her dad doesn't give his consent. They are really happy she will be able to get baptized. It would be best to get her dad's approval, but the parents are not married, he lives in Arica (about 16 hours away) and it rarely involved in her life. He seems to be blocking it just to be difficult.

In their own sector, they are teaching a boy named Ivo. He is really cool and very receptive to the gospel. He even goes to church on his own - this is possibly the first investigator who will go on their own so far in his mission. Ivo is waiting to get his mother's permission to be baptized. The have encouraged him to speak to her first and then the elders will talk to her.

They have a few other investigators currently who are coming along, but none that are really strong at the moment.

This week has been a little slow as they were assisting the branch to get things sorted out now that it's the new year. They also cleaned the church, which they do every week and cleaned their pension so it looks really good. Jordan really likes this pension - it's nice, warm and comfy!

Brief time out from talking - Jordan tracked down and killed a spider. (I didn't understand the exact name, but it is poisonous, so not good roommates.)

Because the branch is so small they rely on the missionaries quite a bit. Every other week the missionaries do the preparations for Sunday - when they have this responsibility they can't take people to church. They have to hope they come on their own, which is challenging and not nearly as effective.

He'll "talk" with us in a week.

Love you guys lots,

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