Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 13, 2012 New week. New vision

I know that I am in the desert and the weather here is perfect for what you like, but I am actually missing having some cold weather now and then. It is pretty much the same temperature here everyday and so it gets a little boring trying to guess what the weather will be like.

Right now I am basically just ignoring my weight and I haven't measured it since I left the MTC, so I can't really tell you. I think I am probably down because of all the walking, but I'm not exactly sure.

We have cambios (transfers) this week but none of us are going anywhere at this time. We had a sad experience this week with Elder Christensen. He actually had to go home. He has been having trouble with a pain in his head for a while now and has been to doctors in other cities and no one knows what is going on so he had to go home until he gets better. Because of this, Elder Lopez is in Antofa today in order to get his new companion. He is going to be training and we are pretty sure that he is going to be training a Gringo because he asked President Bruce if he could. Elder Revi says that it is a good chance of happening because Elder Lopez was an assistant for about 9 months.

Our investigators right now are really awesome, but we only have one baptism scheduled for the 25th of February. It seems like all of the investigators that we are working with currently have a problem that is stopping them from being able to be baptized. But, me and Elder Revi are working really hard and are definitely seeing success from it. For example, one of our investigators is a man that is 84 and his daughter doesn't want us to come by the house anymore or to teach her father, but he came to church on Sunday. We though that was never going to happen.

This week we were in Antofa for a Mission Conference and to recieve the new vision for this year. President Bruce spoke with Sister Bruce the first day when they introduced the new vision and Elder Zepallos of the 70, who is in the Presidency for Chile, spoke with his wife and that was really good. I really wasn't able to take any notes because I have to concentrate to understand so much. That sucks, but I was actually able to understand most of what was said which was good. The new vision is to work with the ward members to merge the full-time missionary work with the missionary work of the ward or branch in order to become a stronger force. The goal is to have really good baptisms, and not just a lot (quality over quantity). I think Chile has one of the highest rates of inactive members and this is something that President Bruce wants to change. He said that he knows that if he said to get 2000 baptisms this year, that we would do it, but he wants 1000 really good baptisms instead. I am so glad that we have him as our Mission President because he is so good.

Not really much else happened this week except that most of the Branch left to go to the temple this week which is really cool for them. They were all really excited for that and they are not going to be back until next Sunday some time.

Well that's kind of all that I have to say. so.....
till next week,