Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 24, 2013

Your question about the new mission president... I personally don't think that I will really notice many changes in my time with the new president.  The first month he will be travelling the mission doing conferences and interviews, then I think he will have to do transfers and he'll probably spend the next transfer starting to get used to everything. Then the changes will probably start after the second round of transfers, which will only leave me 6 weeks to go, which is ridiculously little. So, I think I will see some things, but not that much.

We didn't end up doing anything with the dog before we left. He's still with Elder Martinez to try and figure out what he was going to do with it.

I have always been taller than President Bruce, but he looks bigger sometimes because he is a lot thicker than I am and his shoulders are really wide.

We didn't do any fancy cooking this week, I didn't even buy food.

Love Jord.

Audio summary...
This is the end of the first week of this transfer in Copiapo with Elder Gillespie. I possibly had the worst bus ride of my mission coming here from Calama. It started off pretty good with 2 movies - the first one I'd never heard of, abut a tsunami in some little islands. The 2nd was The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon, but we didn't get to see the end. I have seen it before so I know what happens, but it was still a bit annoying. The ride was horrible because they cranked up the heat and it was ridiculously hot - I was sweating. They give you a little blanket, so I took that and my pillow and stuffed it around the heater that runs by your feet so that it wouldn't fry my legs. It was ridiculous! I had my head and arms plastered against the window trying to cool off. When I got off the bus, Elder Gillespie picked up my juice which had been beside the heater and it was hot, not warm. It was really hot, almost like hot chocolate. He said "Wow, you like your juice hot!", but no, not so.

My 2nd day in the sector we did some service, painting a house. That was fun. The lady doesn't go to church, actually she's not even a member, but her son is on a mission. We painted "Go to church" on one of the walls. Apparently her son painted over it but you can still see it. Good times!

We were looking for less active this week. We found one lady - we knocked on her door and she answered and enthusiastically greeted us and said Elders, come into my house! We hadn't even introduced ourselves or said a word. We were there for about 20 minutes and had started sharing a lesson. We were about 5 minutes into when her husband came in and said hi and asked how we were doing. We kept talking for a little bit and I asked her a question and she gave me this blank stare and just said Elder, I'm not really focusing at all, you should probably just leave... so we left. It was like 2 extremes all in the same visit.. kind of funny, kind of weird. That was a first for me. However, I think we have an appointment to go back. We think it may have been because her husband came in.

We also went to the home of a less active 15 year old girl this week. Before the lesson started we were talking and her father was there doing some stuff. Somehow it came up about her kissing a boy and we were teasing her and embarrassing her a bit. Then her dad walked into the room and she told him were were bugging her, but when he asked what were bugging her about she was too embarrassed to say. It was pretty funny... we had a good laugh.

On Friday we were supposed to run an English class, but nobody was there except our popita, the husband of our mamita, who feeds us, along with their 3 year old son. I played soccer with him, or basically he kept kicking the ball at me. It was fun... I think we did some bonding and are becoming buddies. It was good.

Last week I saw a clip on YouTube of  President Holland speaking to a group of missionaries at the MTC. He talked to them about being a missionary in the Preach My Gospel era and doing what it takes. It was good, but he was pretty harsh in some spots. We were able to rip it from YouTube onto an MP3 and we've listened to it a couple times in the pension this week. It's a bit harsh, but good. You should look at it - type in Feed my sheep Elder Holland MTC and it should pop up. It's about 53 minutes so you need some time.

Yesterday was the worldwide broadcast. I expect dad went to that - it was 100% about missionary work, which was fantastic! It also was a bit of a drag too because all the stuff they say should be done like ward councils, meeting with the ward mission leader, talking about contacts, going out with ward missionaries and teaching lessons with members present hardly happens here. But I'm hoping the member here take alot away from it and can improve. That would be awesome. One of the examples they gave was about 1 week with 16 lessons with members present, but there goal was 20 lessons. I think the most lessons I've had members present in one week so far on my mission has been 4... and that was like a dream week. Lots of room to improve there. If you didn't see it, make sure you watch it... if you did see it, watch it again because it was fantastic.

Otherwise we're just getting to know people - members, less actives, investigators, etc. I'm really having a lot of fun here with Elder Gillespie because we don't have the "getting to know you" period which most new companions have because we were in the same group in the MTC. Yeah... fun times in Copiapo!

That everything. Talk to you next week. I love you guys!

Bye, Jord  

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