Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 10, 2013

No... cambios aren't this week, they are next week. But, when you listen to my recording you will hear about a little surprise that happened this week.

That is great to hear that (Uncle) Blaine had a good time seeing and getting a chance to ride in the Dukes of Hazard replica car.

You need to test drive the more interesting cars... like the boxer or 370z, for example. I'm not so sure about the Camry. However, Paddle Shifters... that's a fun option.

How did they change the boundries? Is it vertical instead of horizontal? That is cool that grandma is in our ward now.

Feliz Dia del Padre, papá.  (Happy Father's Day, Dad)

Love Jord

Audio summary...
This week was a bit interesting. There was a bunch of stuff happening so we really didn't do much in our own sector. First of all, we had President Bruce's last conference before he leaves the mission, which is on June 28th. Our new mission president will be President Dalton, from Idaho. It wasn't a very long conference - he talked a little bit about President Dalton and then some other stuff and took some time to talk about what we need to do when the new president arrives. Sister Bruce talked briefly about being obedient to the new president's rules and then the Assistants did a video... it was alright. It was about the growth of the mission during President Bruce's time here. What was really cool was that during the video there was a little segment with Elder Revierego (Revi), who was my first companion and trainer in the mission field. It's kind of interesting because he's actually home already, and he did it from there. So, I got to "see" my popito (??) -  my "little dad". It was pretty cool!

After we left the conference we had about 3 hours so we went to TGI Fridays. I had a cheese burger and steak cut fries - it was pretty fantastic. Then I had a brownie with ice cream for dessert - ooh, that was really good. I miss American food so much. I am getting pretty tired of the food here. One of the days this past week we had chicken (boiled) and plain rice... again, and I just couldn't finish it. I think I'll still eat chicken when I get home, but not boiled, and not with plain rice. Oh, with soy sauce. That would be fantastic.

As we were going back from the conference on the bus Elder Lopez, my companion, got a phone call from the Assistants and he had a special transfer, so he's not going to be my companion anymore. He left on Thursday morning and my new companion, Elder Martinez arrived later in the morning. He is from El Salvador. So, Elder Lopez is now enjoying the weather in Antofagasta.

This week they had a Stake Conference here in Calama. There was a Seventy here from Argentina - Elder Reseck. He was pretty funny and I really enjoyed his talk. He cracked the whip a bit on tithing. The Stake Presidency spoke and gave really good talks as well. The whole thing was really well put together. The choir say and even that was pretty good -  the singing is not always the best here. They had one guy who was really into the singing... he reminded me of Brother Dahl in our ward back home - made me smile. It was a really good conference, but we didn't end of taking anyone which was a drag. It's hard to get them to commit to go and we weren't really in our sector much to meet with them before.

This week coming up we have cambios so I'll be able to let you know if I'm staying or going. My guess is that I'm probably leaving. Actually, I really have no idea. I'm about 10% sure... ha!

We didn't have light in the pension for about 3 days this week. I talked to the financer a while ago and he said he was going to pay the bills for April and May. He said he paid it, but the transaction didn't go through or something so we hadn't paid for 3 months and they turned the lights off. I had to go one day and pay for that in the morning and they turned the lights back on later that day. It was a bit of a drag because I had to go charge my cell phone in weird places so the battery didn't die. It wasn't too long so it wasn't too bad.

One kind of strange thing happened this week. Our mamita, who makes us our food - she got mad at me for something I didn't even do and now I think she doesn't like me. She charges us $10 extra for doing our laundry and I said I was going to talk to the Financer t include it automatically in her payment so we didn't have to deal with it and neither did she. She was fine with that. So I talked to the Financer and he called her and either he didn't understand me or she didn't understand him correctly, but she didn't like the way he handled the situation and so she got mad at me... and I didn't do anything. Apparently she doesn't want to feed us anymore because of this little exchange. I'm kind of annoyed about... I don't understand what the issue is. It's a bit crazy, but it is what it is. I guess we'll see what happens.

Some fantastic news... I bought everything I need to make curry... it's going to be chicken and curry. It's going to be great and I'm going to love it. It will possibly be the fanciest thing any missionary has made here in northern Chile.

As far as people we're teaching, not too much change for the week with all that was going on. Talk to you later!

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