Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30, 2013

So... this week is going to be a short recording. Not too much happened this week. We did inter-cambios, which are companionship exchanges, on Friday. I got to work in my previous sector so I got to visit some of the people I haven't seen in a little while - like Lorenza, Daniel and a couple others. I think Elder Gillespie another inter-cambio before we go. The family who feeds us went to Santiago to go to the temple and they brought us back the large print Book of Mormon and Bible. We got it for Lorenza and we want/need to take them to her. That's cool.

One day we went to the hospital to give a blessing. We've been visiting a lady who has been less active along with her son and husband. They're really nice people. The husband ended up in the hospital from a blood clot. He was having big problems for 15 - 20 min, but they did something really quick and there are no lasting effects. So the wife asked us to give him a blessing so we did that. That was good.

Funny thing that happened. We left the pension one day about the same time of the other elders. They left a little earlier, but we took a shorter route in the same general direction and we crossed their path just in front of them and I just caught a glimpse of Elder Gillespie out of the corner of my eye. It took a second to register and I told Elder Rodas to look back and when he did he paused just briefly and then kept walking. Just as we started walking again a bird dropped a big poop right in front of us - if he hadn't stopped to look back he would have got pooped on. It would have been really funny... but really crummy.

We've been teaching a guy named Flavio - I'm pretty sure I mentioned him. He met with the missionaries about a year ago. We went to speak to his girlfriend who he is living with. She is intelligent and was really good to teach. We have to wait now because Flavio works in the mine, 10 days on and 10 days off.

In our ward there are 2 girls - one is a recent convert (Mira) and the other is member who has re-activated (Pacquita). They are friend and they live together. About a week ago we shared a lesson with them about missionary work and sharing the gospel. Pacquita has really been sharing the gospel - she's got 2 referrals that we can't contact right away, but she wants to bring them to church. We're like wow! Jocelyn, Daniel's daughter who's been a member for a little while now is really good at sharing the gospel with everybody. She brings friends to activities and to church and all sorts of things. Her dad and her grandma (Lorenza) are also sharing and she's got an aunt who is meeting with the missionaries in a different ward here. They are doing really good - they're great converts. They understand a lot of stuff.

So the reason is was kind of a slow week was that I got sick. Apparently it's really common for missionaries to get sick just before they go home, but it really sucks because I want to work right to the end, but I got really sick. I'm actually still pretty sick. I've had this huge pain in my lower abdominal but I did get checked out and am taking something for it - it's just an infection or virus that will go away pretty soon. So I've had to spend some time in the Pension because at times it's been quite painful. I should be back out pounding the pavement in a couple of days. But, one cool thing, I took to studying the Atonement of Jesus Christ while I was laid up and will probably continue until I come home and then some, maybe. It's really interesting. When you break it down, it really relates to everything. We've had some really good discussions around things I pulled out of various scriptures and things - things I haven't really noticed. Maybe I can share some of it when I get home. It's been really cool.

That's basically it as I've been sick most of the week. Don't worry though, I'll be fine. If I tell you about it next week again, then you can be concerned. But, I'm fine. The worst thing is I am just eating noodles.

I'll talk to you next week. Caio!

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