Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

I don't actually have my flight plans yet, but from what I understand we may be leaving on the 18th of October - President Dalton has to go to Argentina and he wants to see us off so we got pushed forward a couple days. Other than that I can't tell you much. I'd like to know too, but I am more worried about getting all of my VISA stuff done right now.

That's good that you (the old guys - High Priests) were able to beat the Elders in Bocci ball at the ward cornbust. Sometimes we tend to start thinking that we are the greatest in the whole world. : )

That is pretty crazy about Maxine. Like you said, pretty shocking on the one hand, but it explains a few things on the other hand. Hopefully she was able to enjoy her birthday a little bit anyway.

As far as that lady who is a lawyer goes, we haven't really been able to do anything because of the difficulty in catching her at home, and we can't go in without a member present.

Audio summary...
This week we have transfers going on, and this is the last transfer of my mission. The next transfer I'll be going home... crazy! But, like always, that's going to wait to the end.

On Thursday we were looking for people... mostly focusing on inactive members of the ward. We found one lady, but as we were standing outside her house knocking on the door we saw some cops pull up and a motorcycle pulled up behind them. (They were going to a house a couple doors down who'd been robbed - we knew that because we'd knocked on that door a little bit earlier.) The cop needed to back up to park and the motorcycle must have been in his blind spot and he just started backing up. The guy on the motorcycle started freaking out, trying to back up, honking his horn and yelling. Then the cop truck pitched down because he slammed on the brakes really hard - it was pretty funny. The cop just about hit the guy on the motorcyle as we were watching

On Friday they planned a talent show - not may favorite. They do so many of them and this was really poorly timed. The mission leader brings up the suggestion to do it and then we end up having to organize all of it - this was the second time he did this and I`ve only been here 3 months. This was really because it was at the same time as the Chile vs Venezuela soccer game - and Chileans are crazed about soccer here. So hardly anyone showed up. The Relief Society was also doing an activity and there were some youth and so they ended up coming in to watch - there was a group who played some traditional Chilean music and then some recent converts who did an Ecuadorian dance that was interesting.

One day we were at someone`s house and they did this weird thing. You stand and wave your hands in the air, then yell something, you put your hands to the side and then yell something, then you put your hands in front and yell something, then you sit down. You do it 3 or 4 times and the last time they put a sponge full of water underneath you and you sit down on it. So you have a wet seat and bum. I didn`t expect that. It was weird, but kind of funny.

Saturday was a tough day. It was really hot and we walked all day, didn`t really get into any houses. Sometimes that happens.

This week we found a lady named Yvonne, where the cop almost hit the motorcycle. We talked to her for awhile. She said she didn`t go to church anymore because she just followed God on her own. That`s very common here. We asked her a few questions and encouraged her to come back to church, but she wasn`t so receptive.

Our investigator Daniel (Lorenza`s son) is getting baptized on Sept 18, the huge Independence Day festival. We were at his house yesterday and he was messing with us, saying he wasn`t sure if he was going to get baptized. But... Lorenza called him out and he just laughed. It was kind of funny.

Yesterday, the Stake President gave a class in Sunday School on missionary work and finding the lost sheep, reactivation and real growth (retention of converts). At first I was a bit nervous because our investigator was there and I wasn`t sure how he`d take it. It was actually really well done and turned out really good. He was basically saying we needed to go out and find these people and bring them back because they`re important. Daniel is really smart, asks lots of good questions and really thinks about things. I think it may have really impacted him - to hear how important he was as a person to the church. It was really good, I was really impressed.

Transfers - there were 4 of us in Copiyapo - we`re A and the other elders are B. One of the other elders in B finished his mission. His companion is leaving to another area, so they whitewashed that sector - they`ve taken the missionaries out. I got a transfer and Elder Gillespie is staying here. His companion is going to be an elder he trained, and he`ll be Elder Gillespie`s last companion, if that makes sense - that doesn`t happen very often. I`m now in Copiyapo B, so I don`t transfer Pensions or lose my mamitas. I just get a new companion and the sector boundaries change. My new companion is Elder Rodas, from Central America. I`ve never met him so I don`t know exactly where yet. So this is a small transfer. The funny thing is I got transferred but Elder Gillespie is moving rooms in the Pension - he wants the other room so that`s ok. That means I don`t have to pack for the transfer and that`s awesome. I just have to pack once more to go home, and I can use the awesome little scale you got me because I`ll have to deal with the weight of my bags. One thing though, my new sector is all hills so I should get some leg muscles in the final stretch. Lots of climbing and I don`t know my way around, but I`ll figure it out.

Last night we went to the other pension so Elder Marine could pack and there wasn`t really anything for me to do so I got to sleep for an hour or more, which was really nice. We`d missed about an hour of sleep the other night and we were really tired. It was fabulous. Good stuff.

That`s our week. See you in about 5 and a half weeks... crazy!... crazy! It doesn`t feel like it`s that close.

I love you guys and I`ll talk to you next week. Caio!

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