Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 3, 2012

Here are a couple things to say right off the bat:

First, my shoes from the Mission Shoe Store arrived last week on Tuesday and I have been wearing them since. I decided to wear the extra insoles right away instead of waiting as they seem better. I am very happy with the shoes so far. Really... only time will tell what happens as I have been happy with my shoes at the begining every time, but they can wear out pretty fast. However, I feel that with a two year warranty, they should last 1 year at least, or they are defective.

Second, I actually did recieve a transfer this time and I will be spending this next stint of my mission in the zone of CheƱaral. It is a zone made up of little tiny towns called peublos. I will be serving in a town called Diego de Almagro. I am a little bit bummed out because I will not be able to spend Christmas, my birthday or New Years here with the Papitos, but I have come to realize at this point that things are what you make them. Also, I am not here in the mission to celebrate, but to work. I have a 16 hour bus ride to get there though. (This transfer takes him almost from the farthest north to the farthest south in the mission.) I will be heading out at 5 in the afternoon today (in about 2 hours) and get there at about 9 tomorrow morning. One interesting thing is that we spent the whole transfer thinking that Elder Hernandez was leaving, but all of Saturday before I recieved the transfers I ´´knew´´ that I was leaving.

My companion is going to be Elder Velasquez from Argentina. I don't know what city he is from, so I will have to let you know next week. I have worked with him a couple days when I was in Alto Hospicio.

I think Christmas will probably be pretty small for me so if your plans are low key we may have a somewhat similar experience. I am just hoping that we will be able to find a place that will work well to do the call on Christmas. I will probably try and do what I did last year again but with a little bit more time to study and put it together a little better. 

I have recieved an e-mail from Garret and it was nice, but I found myself short on time to respond and sent a bit of a lame response.

I am actually finding it really interesting being a district leader. I often felt before like the other elders were competition I had to beat, but that has changed with this assignment. Obviously, there is still a little bit of competition sometimes, (ie.why couldn't I have found that person) but for the most part I have just been really happy when my district members are having success and really worried when they go through tough times. I told that to President Bruce too...He didn't respond :)

The sun glasses are really nice. I am still brushing my teeth better. I actually did break one of my retainers, but I made the decision to stop putting them in my pockets and I think it should help me not break the other one. That being said, I am pretty sure that if I need to I can fix it with super glue. So, I should be fine. Don't worry about it.

Well, here is hoping that I don't get stuck beside some dude who snores on the bus.

Talk to you guys later.


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