Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 31, 2011 - Two more sleeps!!!

Sounds like Christmas for you was eventful and interesting. I would pay to see Maxine play the role of Santa Claus - I bet that was awesome. They did indeed have all the trimmings on Christmas, but it was a lunch and not a dinner. Then we had a sack dinner which was actually pretty good.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the extended Christmas story. I did as well.

It's weird but the holidays and birthdays don't really seem to matter as much since I've been here. Don't get me wrong, having Elder Bednar preside over your Christmas sacrament meeting was amazing and an experience I may never have again, but it was kind of like, wow it's Christmas - that was fast.

I don't know about you, but this has not felt like 2 months of being here. It is so wierd that I am already down by 1/12 of my mission.

This week we had something called in-field orientation, which is why this email is a day late. It was pretty cool. We had a full day of lessons on planning and setting goals, finding people to teach by street contacting and talking on busses and stuff (not that I'll ever be on a bus), as well as involving the members, the ward mission leader and the bishop in everything you do to make your job easier. It was 12 hours long, but I really enjoyed it.

Also can you let Grandma know that I love getting letters from her and reading about what is going on, but if she keeps sending them to Robert McCaskill she is really going to confuse my Mission President.

Well, I guess my next e-mail will be from the field.